SHIFTING Your Human Resources PARADIGM

Our Mission

ScalableHRTM is a Human Resources consulting firm devoted to helping your organization optimize its financial and business value through strategic and scalable HR services and solutions.

Our Services


Recruitment is one of the most important functions in any organization. We will partner with your organization, or the HR team, during your planning, sourcing, selecting and / or onboarding of qualified candidates.


Retaining highly skilled contributors is a challenge regardless of market conditions. Let us help you with understanding and retaining your employees through employee / management relations and moderated focus groups, confidential engagement surveys, and exit interviews.


Change is inevitable and difficult at the best of times, but with proper planning, training and development, the impact on the organization will be minimal. Let us help your management team develop their employees who have the potential to fill key positions within the organization.


Downsizing or rightsizing of the workforce are not topics most organizations need to think about. Sometimes structural changes are needed to achieve growth and sustainability within an organization. We can help mitigate the risks associated with attrition.

Advice, Guidance & Motivation

We will help you with career-related matters, including exploring career options, changing careers, return-to-work, either one-on-one or as a group. Please note: This service is not intended to replace legal advice; we can connect you with a  lawyer if those services are required.

Workforce Management & Strategy

Don’t know if you are over or under staffed? Let us help your organization with proper resourcing. We will conduct a detailed assessment of your current workforce and recommend the next steps.


Do you want to “do the right thing” by supporting your recently laid-off or terminated employee(s) with transitioning to new jobs and help them re-orient themselves in the job market? We will help your organization by hosting career fairs that will put your impacted employee(s) in front of potential employers. Other outplacement services include career planning, job search workshops, personal branding & networking, or on-site support at the termination.

Total Rewards

Recruitment and retention of top talent goes beyond offering free food, alcoholic beverages, or modern desks. Compensation, benefits, remote work flexibility, performance management, recognition, professional development, and ergonomics strategies are proven to be more effective. Let one of our seasoned consultants help you with evaluating your current offerings.

Immigration & Global Mobility

Looking to onboard a new candidate from another country, relocate or repatriate an employee, or need general immigration support? We can put you in touch with one of our trusted and certified consultants.

Our services are designed for…

Micro businesses and small companies

Businesses and companies without an inhouse HR team, who are seeking affordable HR services.

Mid-size companies

Companies with an inhouse HR team and needing additional support.

Large companies and enterprises

Companies and enterprises that require organization wide HR support or HR representation for a business division or specific department.

Fixed term projects

Such as ATS, HRIS or Performance Management System implementation.

Our Value Proposition

We align our human resources services and solutions with your business needs and within your budget to ensure your organization’s financial success through increased productivity, profitability, competitiveness, and decreased costs. Our flexible approach to your needs is what sets us apart from our competitors and how it will shift your human resources paradigm.

Armin Layegh-7

Led by Armin Layegh, a global HR and Recruitment expert who is known for his progressive and unconventional experiences in high-tech (FinTech, Cloud, software, hardware and firmware), telecommunication, insurance, and customer service industries, ScalableHR senior consultants and advisors will help organizations remain or become profitable through recruitment, employee retention, succession planning and attrition.

Clients and Previous Employers


Armin has been simply one of the best recruiters that I had the pleasure to meet in my job search endeavors so far. He has always been very kind to answer all my questions and give enormously helpful career advice and application feedback.

My job application process with Armin went very smoothly thanks to his transparency, punctuality, and most importantly, his high passion for what he is doing. I am very thankful for Armin’s special client care and genuine commitment.

As a professional applicant with a PhD in Engineering, he earns my highest recommendation.

– Hamed L

A friend connected me with Armin, as he had very positive experiences with him in the past. Armin assisted him in getting his position at FINCAD. My friend knew that I was ready to make a few shifts in my own life.

When I conversed with Armin, he gave me some really good feedback regarding my career and working with recruiters. When I told him my interests and my skill sets, he informed me of what I should focus on and gave me some time saving tips. Armin is able to use metaphors and visualization strategies to make his teachings come to life. His advice was actionable and I was able to use it to take direct steps towards my objectives.

I would highly recommend Armin to anyone looking for a career shift.

– Chris D

Armin was the person who guided me through interviewing process at FINCAD. He absolutely made the experience much less stressful and more enjoyable, despite the fact that we had multiple rounds of interviews and the interviews took place around the holiday season.

He was always available when I had questions and has continued to support me during the on boarding process till now.

Thank you, Armin, for the wonderful services you have provided.

– Diep N

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