Yes, the account manager can work on multiple roles at the same time for the same company. In fact, that is preferred. However, we encourage our clients to focus on key positions first, be it critical and/or revenue generating, and no more than 5 positions at a time.
The 90-day notice is a standard clause in our agreement. However, it is important to note that you will only be billed for hours worked and in an unlikely event that ScalableHR’s services do not meet your expectations, you are able to ask us to stop work and the Client will not be charged unless there are loose ends that need to be taken care of. This includes contacting candidates to inform them of client’s decision not to proceed and/or closing the positions and removing them from job boards, etc.

We charge our clients on a 15-minute interval much like lawyers. Meaning, we only charge for the amount of hours worked rather than a retain fee based off the position salary. We send out our invoices on a bi-weekly basis along with a breakdown of work completed.

Depending on the clients’ needs we are able to work off our own platforms or through theirs. Some of our clients prefer for us to use their ATS, others do not have access to one in which case we use our own. Either way, the client owns the talent pool and will have access to it upon request.

We source highly skilled talent through our current talent pool, as well as through various platforms such as Indeed and LinkedIn. As an integrated business partner, we find that top talent is more willing to speak with us as we represent the client rather than an agency.

The timeline varies depending on the position, qualifications, market environment and the clients’ ability to respond to inquiries in a timely fashion. The more involved and available the client is, the faster we can place the candidate and close the position.

We function as an extension of your HR team where we support your recruitment and/or HR practices. With our sincere and personable approach, we allow for a smooth integration into your company where we share our insight to the market and understanding of what a well-run recruitment process looks like. We ensure a positive candidate experience by streamlining your recruitment processes by establishing an efficient and effective hiring.

We are NOT a recruitment agency – we don’t work commission based but hourly. This may seem unconventional, but in the end, it saves you $$$. We value long-term partnerships, collaboration and integration into your company’s system.

Our Talent Acquisition services include the following:

  • Database resources
  • Technical assessments
  • Dedicated team specializing in different areas
  • Large candidate pool
  • Immigration services
  • Outplacement services

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