About Us

At ScalableHR we're known for collaborating with businesses in a wide variety of industries to fulfill their Talent Acquisition & Management and HR needs.

our brand

Talent Acquisition & Management, Reimagined!


To make the lives of your Human Resources and Hiring Managers easier.


To provide scalable, integrated, trusted, and strategic talent acquisition & management services through partnerships.


who we are

We are a Talent Acquisition and Management consulting firm that provides recruitment, general HR, and Immigration services.

We help organizations remain or become profitable through recruitment, employee retention, succession planning and attrition. We also have a new subsidiary service called #CandidateAgent™, where we help individuals fulfill their goals.
We operate as your integrated partner and offer scalable services and solutions on an hourly basis to fit the needs of your organization.

The Second Half

Time is of essence!
You blink and years pass.

It’s been over a year since my last blog post and my only excuse has been the lack of time to sit in front of a computer to type…

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My Journey: The First 40 Years

Hurry up and …
Being 7 years old is not easy. Case in point (I am generalizing here but I’m sure most of us deal with the lack of hours in a day in a similar fashion)…

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