The Second Half

The Second Half

Time is of essence!

You blink and years pass.

  • It’s been over a year since my last blog post and my only excuse has been the lack of time to sit in front of a computer to type what has been on my mind.

    I continuously question other people’s exceptional time management: How do they manage to squeeze in everything that they want to do in 18 waking hours? I would feel happy if I could do half of what I want to do in 20 hours. Like what you ask? Here’s my wish list:

    • Have a sit-down family breakfast instead of slapping butter on a toast and wrapping it in a paper towel and gobbling it down while driving;
    • Get to work in 35 minutes or less and not an hour;
    • Spend an hour at the gym and not the usual 20 minutes of power workouts;
    • Enjoy an afternoon nap without a telemarketer or a researcher calling the house number or kids yelling into my ear seeking attention;
    • Eat dinner by 6:00 PM so I can spend a couple of hours before my kids go to bed;
    • Enjoy a PG-13 or higher rating instead of a G rated movie (damn you motion pictures for creating these silly ratings; after all, I watched the Omen and Exorcist when I was 8 and First Blood when I was 10; I turned out not to be a devil-worshiping gun slinger);
    • Go to bed by 11:00 PM instead of midnight; why can’t the 11:00 O’clock news be on at 10 instead?
    • Repeat :-)

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