What is your preferred pronoun?

What is your preferred pronoun?

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I started asking candidates about their #pronouns back in 2018, when I was introduced to the fictional character of Taylor Amber Mason (the CEO of Taylor Mason Capital and the former CIO at Axe Capital), played by brilliant #nonbinary Asia Kate Dillon on TV series Billions. The show motivated me to recognize and respect others' #genderidentity preferences.

I remember the confusion on most peoples’ faces when I’d ask, what is your preferred pronoun? They would look at me as if I was speaking a different language altogether.

However, over the last few months, people are thanking me for asking them that question ahead of interviews or meetings; they really appreciate the recognition and acknowledgement of their preferences. It shows that persistence and continuous education, especially via mass media, are key in developing social acceptance.

#diversityequityandinclusion are more than just words and they require action. Let us all take small steps in creating an #inclusiveculture by recognizing #race , #colour , #gender , #religion , and all other individual and collective differences that make this world a beautiful place. Keep talking about what makes each of us unique so our differences are no longer a taboo but reasons for celebration. And next time you are talking to someone for the first time, ask them: What is your preferred pronoun?

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