Talent Acquisition & Management Department?

At the launch of my company, Scalable HR Inc, I conducted an online survey asking, “is HR ‘falling behind the curve’ when dealing with talent acquisition and management?”, as a follow-up to a recent CFO Innovation article titled “Most HR Orgs Are Behind the Curve in Addressing key Enterprise Issues”.

The results of this “just for fun” survey is in and 67% of respondents agreed that “HR is falling behind the curve”, while 33% indicated that their organization doesn’t have an HR Team. But more importantly, none of the respondents disagreed with the statement.

I must highlight the fact that this survey should not be considered a scientific research as the number of respondents was low, and the reliability and validity was not tested. However, it does support the general notion that HR departments continue to be a reactive division of the organization and as Mr. Harry Osloe, Managing Director at the Hackett Group, states, “simply too busy fighting fires to get out in front of strategic issues”.

Based on the above, I argue that it’s time to separate Talent Acquisition & Management from HR within organizations. Furthermore, I argue that Talent Acquisition & Management should be viewed as an important function within an organization, comparable to Sales and Finance Departments, as they are closely tied to an organization’s financial health and business value.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think it’s time to introduce Talent Acquisition & Management to organizations, responsible for Talent Acquisition, Retention, Succession and Attrition?

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We look forward to reading your insightful comments and will do our best to respond, individually or collectively. Thank you.

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